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MD5 salted hash, md5 salt hash generator Tool,md5 salting On this page you can find md5 salt hash generator. MD5 salt - it's modification of password(data) system storing to md5. There are lots of systems that allow to use passwords with length 5-6, but passwords storing method is md5 hash - it was created for making password storing more secure.
During last time there are lots of methods of decode md5 with length 5-6, thats why was created new scheme - md5 salting. MD5 salted hash is hard to decode - because original string for md5 encoding have bigger leght, for example if your password will be "123456" and salt "s0mRIdlKvI" => string will be "s0mRIdlKvI123456", and no any chance to decode created md5 salted hash. So if you using md5 salt method - you can store short passwords more secure.
MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm) is a widely used cryptographic hash function with a 128-bit hash value. As an Internet standard , md5sum has been employed in a wide variety of security applications, and is also commonly used to check the integrity of files. MD5 hash is one of most popular way to for data key generation, it's fast and two similar md5 key for different data - happens very-very rarely, for example once per 1 billion.

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